6 Tips for Maintaining Your Driveway

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Driveway

You might not notice it, but our driveway is one of the busiest parts of your house. It doesn’t just receive traffic from your cars, you also walk on it regularly and perhaps, your kids play on it too. It is something that most homeowners also overlook – until it is too late – and your driveway is full of cracks and chips from every corner.

The good news is you can do these 6 simple steps to lengthen the shelf life of your driveway.

Be Observant

All big damages start with small damages. Small cracks on your concrete driveway won’t heal themselves. If you leave it on its own, it will eventually spread. Once you notice a hole or a crack in your driveway, fix it. A bigger crack will mean bigger damage to your concrete. It will weaken the foundation of your driveway and once you fix it, the fix might not be enough to hold it together for long.

Regular Cleaning is Important

Regular cleaning won’t make your concrete driveway stronger. However, it can help you see minor damages easily. if your concrete driveway is muddy all the time, you can miss small holes or cracks. Sweep it regularly or use water spray from time to time.

Keep it Dry

Concrete is highly durable, making it a popular material for construction projects. However, it is known to be weaker when exposed to extremely cold temperatures. It cracks easily. The same thing happens when it is constantly wet. To lengthen the shelf life of your concrete driveway, keep it dry all the time, except when you are cleaning it or doing a car wash.

Seal its Edges

Concrete driveways are meant to carry the weight of your car and though it is well sealed, its edges can easily give up after some time. Its edges are its weakest spot. One of the best ways to protect your driveway’s edges is by parking in the middle and not on the sides.

Regularly Remove Snow

If you live in an area where snow is part of the season, then make it a habit to regularly shovel or plow your concrete driveway. If you will be shovels, avoid scraping the surface of your driveway. Scraping it can give it an uneven surface that might damage your tires. You can also use plastic shovels. Don’t let those snow melts in your driveway because again, you have to keep your concrete driveway dry all the time.

Remove Stains

Your driveway is prone to gas and oil stains. These stains won’t just make your driveway look dirty; they can also affect the quality of your concrete driveway. Washing it off immediately with water is highly recommended because it will keep the gas and oil from seeping into your concrete. Remove stains in the perfect way click here.

Final Thought

Having a well-maintained driveway won’t just keep your backyard clean and striking. It will also lengthen the life of your concrete driveway. Keep your driveway in its best condition all the time and you won’t have to worry about having a driveway construction in the next two or three years. With these six steps, you won’t have to worry about having a new driveway in the next 15 to 20 years

DIY Concrete Projects for Your Home

DIY Concrete Projects for Your Home

Having a DIY project is a perfect way to keep yourself busy and distracted from life’s usual stresses. It is also a way to keep your mind and body active without leaving your home and spending more money. One DIY project that you can focus on is DIY concrete projects and here are some projects that you can start with.

Phone or Tablet Stand

Concrete projects at home don’t need to be big like a driveway or patio. Start with small ones like a tablet or phone stand. To make a stand, get a popcorn or milk box. Use it to mold your stand. Add a tile or metal to serve as a ledge. You can make any phone stand shape as long as you have something to mold it with like a box or a container.

Unconventional Lamps

Do you love the idea of something unconventional in your room? How about making a concrete pendant lamp? For this DIY concrete project, you can take advantage of your empty bottles (mineral water or plastic soda bottles) and use them for molding your pendant lamp. You can choose the size and length of your lamp.

Since you are using concrete, you can add more style by stamping it or spraying it with different colors.

Big and Small Bowls/Pots

Concrete bows and pots can be a good addition to your patio setup. You can have different sizes of bowls for different occasions. If you love having barbecue parties and a good drink with your friends, you no longer have to worry about breaking some of your mom’s previous bowls.

Instead of buying pots and vases for your outdoor plants, you can start making your statement with your DIY concrete pots. You can also choose the finishing color that you want to use.

Concrete Stool

Instead of buying a set of bar stools or bucket stools for your outdoor deck, you can start making your set of concrete stools. Concrete stools are easy to make and you will just need wooden dowels, concrete, and a bucket (to mold your stool with).

Candle or Pen Holder

Are you always looking for something to put your candle with every time you need to light one? Then it is time to make your concrete candle holder. You will just need a cup to mold your candle holder and you are good to go.
This candle holder can also be used as a pen holder. You might need a taller cup to use as a mold if you want to use it as a pen holder.

Stepping Stone

Do you find your backyard muddy every time it rains? DIY concrete stepping stone can be your next project. You can use a tray to mold your stepping stone. Start with five stepping stones and see if it is enough to save you from your muddy walkway. You can also add concrete stepping stones to your garden to keep your feet off the grass and flowers.

Final Thoughts

Technology has changed the way concrete is now being used in construction works. With decorative concrete designs, you can easily create a project that can easily fit your taste. Have you decided yet which project to start with?